The coast, represented by Sanremo, Ospedaletti, Bordighera, Vallecrosia, Camporosso Ventimiglia and offers comfortable beaches and secluded bays, allowing an intense experience of the sea so when families to those who prefer privacy. The rich fishing grounds and their fauna, the availability of marinas and the wide range of water sports make this stretch of Liguria the ideal place for lovers of the sea.

The waters surrounding the area host the highest concentration of cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea and are part of the Pelagos Sanctuary, a 87,500 km² marine protected area established by Italy, the Principality of Monaco and France in the aim to protect these
animals. For over 25 years, the hundreds of fin whales and sperm whales, as well as the thousands of dolphins that live in this area have been monitored by Tethys (www.tethys.org), a non-profit research organisation based in Portosole, Sanremo, which originally proposed the establishment of the Sanctuary


Between Sanremo and France are some of the most beautiful and characteristic of Liguria Airole, Apricale, Castelvittorio, Dolceacqua, Isolabona, Olivetta San Michele, Perinaldo, Pigna, Rocchetta Nervina, San Biagio della Cima, Seborga, and Vallebona Soldano. Each has, in addition to the typical of its architecture, its natural position and its history, a single plea of particular interest: the relaxation of the thermal waters, the spectacular mountain bike trails and canoeing, trekking at altitude and in the valley, the rediscovery of traditional products in agriculture, floriculture and in crafts, stories and legends brought to life.


A bike path, located about 24 km of the old railway line from 1872 to 2001 he served the Western Liguria, runs along the sea, the gardens, and allows you to switch, seamless international flavor to the elegant charm of Sanremo small Ospedaletti.

The length of the track allows you to connect with other areas paths and those who want to measure up to the most demanding tests has a wide choice of excursions in the beautiful Ligurian hinterland, where there are also many off road routes for mountain biking.


Torn with hard stone and the steep banks, the terrace cultivation west of Liguria, exposed to sun and wind of the sea, give quality products unique. The olive mountain, the cultivar taggiasca, gives its precious oil a particularly delicate and light bouquet.

The screw, manually curated with dedication in often inaccessible areas, gives the wines of the Ligurian tradition a specific intensity. Renowned in the world is the Rossese, "wine rock" red generous DOC persistent bouquet, with hints of rose, violet and blackcurrant, flavor and soft, warm, often velvety, with a pleasant slightly bitter vein.

Thanks to the exceptionally mild climate, the gardens of this part of Liguria produce throughout the year legumes and vegetables, some of which, like the delicious zucchini and much appreciated Pigna beans, are distinguished by the sweetness of taste. These, combined with poor local fish and meat, give rise to dishes of great fragrance and health, in the Mediterranean tradition.

Each country jealously guards the recipes of the many cakes and pies stuffed, savory and sweet, often giving rise to funny comparisons and disputes.

Relatives of both Nicoise Pissaladière, stand out in this field the Sardenaira, widespread in Sanremo, and the westernmost Pissalandrea, leavened dough otherwise seasoned top with tomato, herbs, olives, respectively, with the addition of anchovies or onions.

The cuisine of the Western Liguria is an extraordinary synthesis of the "Mediterranean diet", so healthy, full and appreciated worldwide.


The exceptional luxuriance of natural vegetation of this part of Liguria impressed travelers who found themselves to follow it since the eighteenth century that describe it as a true garden. Especially palm trees and many citrus struck the imagination of fans and attracted generations of botanists who, through their work, redesigned the area profile, integrating an incredible variety of exotic flora with locale.Tra these occupies a prominent place in the German botanist Ludwig Winter, chosen in mid-nineteenth century by brothers Thomas and Daniel Hanbury for the accommodation of their property in La Mortola Ventimiglia, considered by many to this day the most important in the Mediterranean garden. After the great season of intensive cultivation and export of cut flowers throughout the twentieth century has been the leading sector of the local economy, floriculture, which persists even today in its production volume in some market niches in which it excels, it is expressed the territory especially as testing and research of new varieties, thanks to the important activities of some world-renowned masters breeders.

If they had asked me then what shape does the world I would have said that it is sloping, hilly uneven, with protrusions and recesses, so I am always somewhat like on a balcony overlooking a balustrade, and see what the world contains disposed to the right and left at different distances, on balconies or other stages of theater overlying or underlying, of a theater whose proscenico opens on empty, on the strip of sea high against the sky crossed by winds and clouds.

Cit. "Dall'opaco in la strada di San Giovanni" - Italo Calvino

From Sanremo to France - RIVIERA AT THE BORDER

From Sanremo to France, Riviera at the border, its coast and its hinterland. "From Sanremo to France, the Riviera di confine": this is the name that the 19 municipalities of the territory between the cities of Sanremo and the French border, between the coast and inland, taking at "Expo 2015", the World Expo focuses on food, nutrition and quality production of the territories of the world opened in Milan on 1 May and closed on 31 October. The municipalities of this area will be present in "Expo 2015" Friday, June 12, within the space rotation of the Liguria Region. They sum up in itself and the many different talents of the lands of Liguria.


Following are the participants at RIVIERA AT THE BORDERS:

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