Elegant and cosmopolitan history and tourist tradition, Sanremo allows its guests to experience the Riviera in all its expressions.

The sea, protected by his bosses and opened on the Mediterranean, offers comfortable and cozy beaches, seabed of unexpected beauty and high interest fauna and the opportunity to enjoy all year round swimming and water sports. The climate is mild and comfortable, allows adults and children to experience the city in the open air, walking along the seafront and the two ports or venturing cycling along the path, only for its location on the sea, the bike path that runs through it entirely. The large facilities allow the practice of amateur sport and high-level competition, attracting especially golfers, of 'riding and athletics. Known throughout the world for the Italian Song Festival, for its Casino and its Major Events cultural and sports, the city offers many attractions and opportunities for entertainment lovers of the show, the game and worldliness. The elegant Via Matteotti is the heart of a lively and welcoming center, populated by its designer boutiques and many bars. In fact, the offer is very rich town restaurant that, from the harbor to the hills, offers the Ligurian dishes, Italian and international: local fish and the famous red shrimp, combined with the great products of the Ligurian agriculture, give a special quality to many local dishes. From the sea to the hills, the Old Town, with its narrow streets and houses perched one another, takes the visitor on a journey that takes him a few steps from the bustle of the festive center of an intensity of silence ' other times: lines fratte walls, arches and buttresses with their shadows and the rare glimpses of heaven, drive along the winding uphill exploding at its summit in the brightness of the white and gold of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Coast. .

For decades, the world capital of flower production and still home to a major market, Sanremo, for all the "City of Flowers", is a place of experimentation and research in the production of new varieties: its sunny hillsides are the laboratory where each year experts breeders give life to flowers of exceptional innovation and beauty.

Place to stay and transit since its origin, Sanremo itself bears the precious traces of the people who have chosen it as a land of choice: if the archaeological evidences the significant Roman settlements, large hotels and villas narrate the glories Attendance foreign newer, nineteenth century the Belle Epoque. Bear the mark of the great dedication of foreigners to the city of Sanremo the great gardens, today this town's heritage: the foresight of passionate botanists and exceptional climate have given rise to unusual coexistence of local and exotic species, creating amazing trails in the countryside.

Memory Keeper city, the precious, little Monumental Cemetery interfaith Foce, embodies the many stories of intellectuals, exiles, tourists and local people who have been intertwined in Sanremo.




15 m s.l.m.


the Italian Song Festival in February

the International Festival of bands in March

the Super Classic Milano-Sanremo in March

Corso flowered Sanremo in Fiore in March, 2011. Until 2010 the event took place in January.

the Historic Rally Sanremo - Flower Cup in April

the Italian PGA Championship of Golf in April

Minigolf International Trophy in May

Race the International Triathlon in May

Pigna d'Amar Theatre, Music, Gastronomy in May

Great bottom Milano-Sanremo amateur in June

the Night Riviera in June [citation needed]

the Giraglia Race in June

the Trofeo Topolino of golf in June

the International Tournament Sanremo football teams for Spring August

Rock in the casbah, musical event that takes place in the old town in August

the MOAC, the fair of August

White Night in September

Rally Sanremo valid evidence for the International Rally Challenge in September

Review the Songwriters Tenco Prize in November

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